Frelsi Natural Deodorant
Bottle 100ml x1 | Refill 100ml x5

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Frelsi Natural Deodorant Bottle 100ML x 1
Refill Pack Bundle 100ML x 5 Packs

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West – RM8 | East – RM15

1. No body odor for 24 hours
2. No stain on clothes
3. Doesn’t clog sweat pores like aluminum in normal antiperspirants
4. Unscented
5. Alcohol Free

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100% natural and safe to use!

  • Using the American MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) Water as the main ingredient, which activates liquids so that our bodies can absorb liquids up to 6 times faster! 
  • MRET Water can provide the human body with the natural defences to prevent the spread of microorganisms, so that your sweat no longer smell!
  • Solve the problem of body / foot odor.
  • Non Sticky! Sensitive Skin Friendly! 
  • Does not cause Itching.
  • MRET Water
  • Potassium Alum
How To Apply

Apply after shower on dry skin. Apply on armpit, face, hand or feet.


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Bottle 100ml x1 | Refill 100ml x5”

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